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4th to 10th July 2020


This is a 7 day trip, based in a unique property with private beach at Brae on the west of Shetland.

Day 1- Sat 4th July

Guests arriving on the ferry will be met around 12.30 in Lerwick, you will have had the morning free to explore Lerwick, (arrangements can be made to deposit your luggage as the ferry arrives in around 8 am). We will now head south to Sumburgh Airport, where we will meet those arriving on the flight from Edinburgh at 13.30.


On south from here to Sumburgh Head, we will get a chance to see our first Puffins and if we are really lucky, perhaps even an Orca. The lighthouse complex is worth exploring. From here we will head to Spiggie Bod for afternoon tea and a visit to Peerie Spiggie and the Lochs of Spiggie RSPB reserve.

We head north to our accommodation at Brae and will eat this evening at Busta House Hotel


Day 2 – Sun 5th July

Anyone arriving on the ferry this morning will be collected and will join us for breakfast.


We are heading off to walk to Point of Fethaland, a wild and beautiful peninsula which marks the northern most point of Mainland. Along the way we will be visiting the remains of an old fishing station, from here the islanders went fishing for ling and cod in open rowing boats in the perilous waters of the North Atlantic. We will visit the Kame of Isbister with its thousands of years of dwellings. The views throughout this walk are magnificent and Orca are often spotted off the coast here.

Dinner tonight will be in the accommodation


Day 3 – Monday 6th July

Today we will head to Fetlar, one of the north isles, crossing first to Yell, then on the Fetlar we will head to the RSPB Fetlar Nature reserve, where we may be lucky enough to see Red Necked Phaleropes, along with many other species. We will also visit Otterswick on Yell and go aroundthe coast at Ness of Queyon. Hopefully we will see otters today.

We eat again at the hotel.

We are booked on the Mousa Boat to do a night visit to Mousa Broch to experience the Storm Petrels coming home at dusk.


Day 4 – Tuesday 7th July

A slightly later start today as we will have been home very late last night. Today we visit the SNH reserve at Noss and the island of Bressay, with all the sea birds you could wish for. Dramatic cliffs and arches are home to a large Gannet colony, Puffins and so many more birds. The island is a screaming mass of birds, covered with the pink of thrift and the occasional diving Bonxie.

We will have time for a visit to Lerwick this afternoon.

Dinner tonight is in the accommodation


Day 5 – Wednesday 8th July

Way up north today, we are heading to Unst and birds at Hermaness. A visit to the ultimate bus stop in Shetland and the shore station of Muckle Flugga light house. A walk on the Keen of Hammar, with its unique flora. Birds galore, possible otters, orca and loads more

Tonight we eat again in Busta House


Day 6 – Thursday 9th July

Muckle Roe and the Hams – we will head out to the Lighthouse and take in the Hole of Hellier, then along the coast to the Hams. There are views to Foula, dramatic cliffs, remote lochs and amazing sea stacks.

Tonight we eat in the accommodation


Day 7 – Friday 10th July

This morning we drive to southern Shetland and walk across a beautiful sandy tombolo that connects to St. Ninian’s Isle for great views out to the island of Foula and a visit to St Ninians Chapel, where the St Ninians silver hoard was discovered in 1958.

We visit Jarlshof, the islands' most important archaeological monument. Like Skara Brae on Orkney, Jarlshof appeared from sand dunes after a huge storm. As the storm abated 4,000 years of history were revealed. Medieval, Viking, Pictish, Iron Age, Bronze Age and Neolithic structures are all here, often built on top of each other. The site is a fascinating complex of underground soutterains and beautifully preserved Atlantic wheelhouses - unique circular Neolithic buildings only found in Shetland and the Outer Hebrides, and perfectly adapted to these islands' harsh windy environments. 


Sadly this is the end of our Shetland week. You will be dropped at Sumburgh Airport  for the 16.00 flight or the ferry terminal for the 17.00 ferry back to Aberdeen. Those not leaving the Islands today will be dropped at their accommodation.


We will be staying in a unique house beside Busta House Hotel. The property has views to the loch and a private beach. You can rise early and walk the gardens or look for otters from the beach.

The accommodation is a mix of single and twin, with 2 shared bathrooms.


All breakfasts, lunches and evening meals are provided. On the nights we eat at Busta House Hotel, 2 courses from the Bar menu are provided. You will be responsible for all drinks and any additional courses. When eating at the accommodation, there will be 2 courses of home cooked fare.


NOSS - gannets, puffins and sea birds galore

HERMANESS - so many birds

POINT OF FETHALAND - old fishing station and coastal walk


FETLAR, - red necked phalaropes

SUMBURGH HEAD - more puffins

MOUSA - the broch by night - storm petrols

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